Mot du directeur

Dear student, trainee and colleagues,

Make no mistake about it, students and trainees are the most important stakeholder at the MiFiTT institute. As you propbaly know, within your first two week at MiFiTT you will decide if MiFiTT is for you, or perhaps you should seak training somewhere else. If you decide to stay and strugle at our institute, it means you understand that you will be required to work hard at several levels. One of our main objectives is to help you find a job upon graduation. This task requires you to acquire tengible skills that can help you not just to find and retain a job. We do so by requiring that each and very student acquires practial skills through your individual projects, group projects as well as innovation and entpreneurial skills. In such a dynamic and flexible job market, these skills will make it more likely for you to find your FIT. In addition to your work as a technician, you will also learn how to solve problemes, generate ideas, write business plans and make a pictch for an audiance of investers.

MiFiTT curricula is designed to train technicians who will not be intimidated by their peers; who are able to communicate with their environment, know what it means be a team player and who will produce work that benefits their entourage.

I would like to leave you, dear student, with one advice. When you come to MiFiTT, hold tight to your Skill Card. Every course at MiFiTT has a skill card that we update depending on the job market needs. We hand you such a card at the begining of every course. I want you read it and make sure that you follow its instructions. Especially never hesitate to let your teacher or andministration if you call back. At MiFiTT we give free tutoring hours for students who need it.

MiFiTT employee,

Please remember that we achive the above goals by using on thing and one thing only. PROCESS. Process is not meant to be a chain that hinders your progress, innovation and initiatives. However by following the Process, you ensure that you didn't leave anything behind. As of today, MiFITT has close 150 processes. Make sure all the work you do is alligned a process that we already have or one that you create.